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CloudMD  provides turnkey and readily accessible virtual healthcare to enterprise partners including insurance companies, employers and pharmacies across Canada.

See a doctor online

CloudMD on Demand

The on-demand appointment booking allows patients to skip the process of selecting an appointment time and instead opt to “See A Doctor Now” by joining a queue in the clinic’s virtual waiting room. It provides patients fast and easy access to virtual telemedicine.

Companies will have a direct link to our “See A Doctor Now” that can be immediately accessed through benefits administration platforms, company websites and/or QR codes at physical locations.

Pharmacy Kiosks

Access licensed doctors through an easy to use kiosk in your local pharmacy.

See a doctor now.

CloudMD provides easy access to licensed doctors. Get prescriptions filled faster and spend less time at the doctor’s office. We are partnering with local pharmacies to provide on demand virtual care right from your local pharmacy! 

How it works.

It’s never been simpler to get a prescription refilled! Pop into your pharmacy’s private consult room and see a doctor online right away. Click on “see a doctor now” and be on your way! After your virtual doctor visit, pick up your medication immediately from the pharmacy. Fast and easy. 

Who’s eligible?

Our team of physicians are available for general health questions and for whole family care. The service is designed for prescriptions and to diagnose non-emergency conditions, such as colds and flu, skin conditions, urinary tract infection, dizziness, fever and headache.

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